You Can't Review James Comey's Book On Amazon Unless You Have Proof You've Read It

Reviewers must be able to show they are a "verified purchaser."

Amazon has instituted special safeguards on the review page for former FBI Director James Comey's new book, "A Higher Loyalty," limiting access only to those reviewers who can provide proof of a "verified purchase."

So if you had plans to give Comey a one-star review based on his performance as head of the nation's foremost federal investigative body, you'll have to air your grievance in some healthier way that doesn't impact Comey's Amazon star rating.

The news comes via Deadline, which also says that buyers who do not meet Amazon's "verified" requirement will receive a note saying, "Sorry, we are not able to accept your review of this product," when they hit the "submit" button.

Amazon is a private company and can limit consumers any way it sees fit, but the "verified purchase" requirement seems to be something new, instituted because reviewers with an ax to grind tanked both Hillary Clinton's "What Happened" and Michael Wolff's "Fire and Fury" before the books had been out a full week (in the reviewers' defense, both were truly terrible reads).

The "verified purchaser" requirement is doing its job: "A Higher Loyalty" has a five star rating, and most of the reviews are glowing "thank yous" to the former FBI director from members of the anti-Trump "resistance." A handful of lower-than-five-star ratings do point out that the book was in need of an editor, and express regret that the book isn't a "tell all" about President Trump.

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