Yahoo! Writes Entire Story About Ivanka Trump Wearing A Pantsuit

How seriously can you take a news organization with an exclamation point in its name?

Not very seriously, apparently.

Yahoo! News on Saturday wrote an entire piece on the fact that President Trump's daughter Ivanka wore a pantsuit to a public appearance.

The piece was titled "People are mocking Ivanka Trump for wearing a pantsuit." Seriously. In it, the writer, Cindy Arboleda, says that Ivanka was apparently inspired to don the outfit because Hillary Clinton wears them.

"Before stepping into her role at the White House, working for her father, Ivanka Trump made a name for herself as the head of a company with clothing and handbag lines, and shoe collection. Now, in her role as a White House adviser, some people believe she has taken inspiration from longtime political powerhouse Hillary Clinton, in her latest outfit: a classic pantsuit."

The mother of three shared a series of photos on her Instagram account of the town hall engagement and, of course, took selfies with supporters. The post at the event quickly racked up over 34,000 likes and 450 comments at the time of this story.

Many commenters couldn’t help but point out that pantsuits have become synonymous with Clinton. Clinton is famously known for rocking monochromatic pantsuits throughout her career, especially during her presidential campaign of 2016.

One commenter wrote, “Hillary is the only pantsuit Queen, hands down.”

The piece then goes on to cite more haters hating. "Another chimed in, commenting 'tell that to the Queens of pantsuits, Hillary.' One noted Trump’s history of being sued for stealing designs, 'How does stealing designs qualify you to talk about tax reform when you don’t know a deficit from a donut?' "

What makes the piece even more stupid is that Ivanka wears pantsuits all. the. time. And worse, Hillary didn't exactly invent pantsuits, nor was she the first to wear them, so why say Ivanka has "taken inspiration" from the two-time presidential loser to don the comfy suits?

What's more, Ivanka's clothing line has a plentiful selection of pantsuits for the modern business woman-slash-mom. Her company also sells pants.

Wonder if Yahoo! thinks Ivanka has "taken inspiration" to wear pants from Bill Clinton. First Bubba wore pants, then Ivanka! Clearly she's a copycat!

Guess an exclamation point doesn't make you a news organization.

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