WATCH: Sociology Professor To Conservative Student: 'F*** Your Life!'

On April 11, a sociology professor at a community college in New Jersey allegedly had a profanity-laced response to a conservative student when the student articulated his beliefs regarding sexual harassment, yelling, “F*** your life.” obtained a video of the incident (seen below) in which Howard Finkelstein, a professor at Brookdale Community College in New Jersey, lost his temper when challenged by student Christopher Lyle, 23, in a class titled "Sociology 105, Intercultural Communication: The Person and the Process."

Lyle told that Finkelstein consistently disparaged or dismissed Lyle’s perspective; that Finkelstein regularly told Lyle to "shut up," slammed him for owning a gun, and dismissed his opinions as "the reason America is not great.” Another student in the class, Joey Smith, 25, shot the video. Smith said Finkelstein consistently targeted Lyle, and Smith shot the video to show his friends why he hated the course. Smith asserted, "He is basically just lecturing this one student for the whole period. We are sitting there and he is speaking directly to Chris, going back and forth about personal thoughts."

Lyle told Fox News, “He’s constantly called me into his office and told me I can’t speak in his class because of my beliefs. ... He constantly talks about white privilege and how I have privilege because I’m a white male. I don’t believe that. I work 50 hours a week and attend class, and he tells me to ‘shut the f*** up.’”

Smith added, “Chris is a part of his lesson plan. He’ll ask Chris a question, then try to convince Chris in front of the class what is right and wrong. I’m paying to get an education and I’m watching him preach to another student. I’m not learning anything there."

Lyle said the school made him take a mental health test and asked whether he owned any guns. Fox News reported that Lyle complained in an earlier class that purchasing a gun in New Jersey was difficult because of state law.

Christopher Jeune, student conduct and compliance director, said "many" of the accusations were "false and wholly inaccurate,” adding, “Brookdale Community College is fully cognizant of the Second Amendment and the rights it affords and does not discriminate against anyone based on his/her beliefs. It is in the best interest of all members of our community for the college to do its due diligence when a student or employee mentions firearms during the process of an investigation.”

Video below:


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