Suddenly He's A Federalist: Schumer Says Legalize Marijuana And Give Power To the States

On Friday, Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) publicly announced via Twitter that he supported the decriminalization of marijuana, but in doing so, made a startling claim: that he believed in allowing states to decide what was best for themselves.

Schumer doubled down on his sudden identity as a federalist:

Schumer’s metamorphosis into a federalist drew some pointed responses:

Schumer’s record on states’ rights certainly is at odds with his turn toward federalism, whether it revolved around voting rights, right-to-work laws, or health care.

In January 2017, two Republican senators said U.S. states should be allowed to stay in the Obamacare medical insurance program if they liked or move to a replacement program. One of the senators, Bill Cassidy of Louisiana, said, “We are moving the locus of repeal to state government. States should have the right to choose.”

Schumer responded that the proposal was an “empty facade” and a “far cry” from a full replacement of Obamacare.

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