Now Romania Joins The Movement: Will Move Embassy to Jerusalem

The dominos are slowly falling in response to President Trump’s decision to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem: On Thursday, Liviu Dragna, a member of the Romanian ruling party, confirmed that Romania would join the list of countries following Trump’s lead and move their embassy to Jerusalem. The Romanian announcement follows the April 10 trip by Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely to Romania as part of her mission to persuade other countries to move their embassies to Jerusalem.

There had been hints that Romania might move its embassy; in December Dragnea said Romania should “seriously consider” relocating its embassy to Jerusalem.

Romania has played its part in helping the Jewish state before; Egyptian President Anwar Sadat's historic 1977 peace mission to Jerusalem was mediated by Romanian President Nicolae Ceausescu, Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin revealed in 1987. Begin said he had visited Romania as Ceausescu's guest in August of 1977. He said, "I asked him if he could persuade Sadat to come visit us.” In October, Sadat met Ceausescu in Bucharest. Begin recalled, "When Sadat met Ceausescu, he asked his host two questions. ‘You've met Begin, so tell me. First, do you think he wants peace? And secondly, is he a strong man?' Ceausescu answered both of Sadat's question in the affirmative."

The next month, Sadat arrived in Israel for talks with Israeli leaders that led to the historic peace treaty between Israel and Egypt.

Guatemala has already announced it would move its embassy to Jerusalem; last week Honduran lawmakers passed a measure urging the government to move its embassy to Jerusalem. The Czech Republic’s president, Milos Zeman, has said the country should relocate its embassy to Jerusalem.


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