Rush: Here's What We Can Learn From That Leftist Professor Who Cheered Barbara Bush's Death

"They're demented, they are deranged, and they're getting worse."

Top-rated conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh spent a little time on Wednesday addressing the debacle at Fresno State involving the radical left professor who has stirred up outrage over her full-throated celebration of the death of Barbara Bush and the suffering of the Bush family. Rather than being just some unhinged "wacko," said Limbaugh, Fresno State's tenured faculty member Randa Jarrar is "classically representative of today's American Left."

Limbaugh led in to his discussion of Jarrar by showing his online viewers a charming picture of the "babe" flicking off the camera at an Asian American Writers workshop. "That is the professor flipping off the photographer with her middle finger," said Limbaugh, clarifying that she's "not pregnant, by the way."

"This woman is a professor!" he said in amazement. "This woman is teaching young skulls full of mush the drivel and the poison and the hatred that she harbors."

Limbaugh explained that while Jarrar is clearly "very angry," she's recently found a reason to spread some of her hate-inspired joy. Rush then read a direct quote from one of the tweets by Fresno State's fine faculty member that has caused a stir:

Either you are against these pieces of [excrement] and their genocidal ways or you’re part of the problem. That’s actually how simple this is. I’m happy the witch is dead. Can’t wait for the rest of her family to fall to their demise the way a million and a half Iraqis have. Byyyeeeeeeee

Limbaugh noted that Fresno State initially signaled that she was would not be punished in any way for her tweets, which include openly racist statements, declarations that she's untouchable because she's tenured, and a potentially school policy-violating reference to Arizona State's emergency crisis line. "No big deal. We’re not gonna do anything to her," Limbaugh said, paraphrasing the university's initial response (it has since suggested that she might be in some trouble).

This "very angry, unhappy woman," said Limbaugh, is not some outlier among the Left. "I think that woman is classically representative of today’s American Left," he said. "They're demented, they are deranged, and they're getting worse."

He continued: "Twenty-five, 30 years ago when this program started, if anybody in public had wished somebody dead, it could get you fired. It could ruin your reputation. You would be shunned. You would become so stigmatized. Today, people on the Left are applauded. They are supported, and they are effectively given medals for this kind of stuff. Her name again is Randa, R-a-n-d-a, Jarrar, J-a-r-r-a-r."

Endowed with "plenty of room to harbor all that hate," he suggested that the tenured professor has let that hate continue "building and building and intensifying and intensifying, and then she takes it out on her students at Fresno State."

"This professor is probably a microcosm of the American Left today and the Democrat Party, which thinks that it is going to sweep to a landslide blue wave victory in November," he said. He then launched into a description of the American Left's agenda:

And what is the agenda? What is the platform of this group? This leftist cabal that think they run the country, look at what they’re doing now. They’re depending on a lying porn star/hooker to somehow help them get rid of Donald Trump, after their fake Russia investigation failed to convince the American public that it was true. And now we have a narcissistic and very b-i-itchy type of former FBI director who’s running around trying to make all of this about him in that he’s the last Boy Scout, he’s the last honorable guy, and he’s doing what he can to save America in this regard. They continue to invest and support Planned Parenthood, which is a baby-killing organization for which they’re very proud and supportive. They believe in raising taxes.

They don’t like this last tax cut, and they think it ought to be taken away. And last but not least, they’re going out of their way to protect illegal immigrants over American citizens! And somehow these people — with this professorette from Fresno State kind of today leading the way — think this is what’s going to deliver them a landslide victory, a blue wave? They are so out of it, they don’t even have any awareness of the other America that is actually making the country work, who those people are, what their values are. Because they hate them. They resent them. They hate them and resent them simply because those people oppose them in the left.

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Transcript via RushLimbaugh.com


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