WATCH: NBC Anchor Slams Comey, Who Makes Surprising Confession

On Wednesday, NBC's Savannah Guthrie embarrassed former FBI Director James Comey during a segment on the network's "Today" show, calling him bitter, catty, and biased against President Donald Trump.

“It still seems raw. It seems like you have some scores to settle,” Guthrie said about Comey's book. “You might have a little bit of anger left over, a little bit of bitterness.”

“Some people have said that was kind of, for lack of a better word, that was a little catty," Guthrie continued. "Did you enjoy taking those shots at the president?”

A couple of minutes into the interview, Guthrie brought up an important point with regard to Comey and Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation.

“Are you concerned you’re making that prosecution tougher?" Guthrie asked. "Because you’ve been out there and demonstrated that you do have a bias against the president.”

Comey responded with a bit of a surprising confession, admitting that he has an "obvious" bias against Trump because "he fired me."

While it is obvious to many that Comey does not like the president, it is surprising that he would admit to it and that he stated his termination is a contributing factor because he is a witness in Mueller's investigation. Comey's admitted bias due to his termination could potentially jeopardize the testimony he gave last June which came a month after his dismissal from the FBI.

A recent report from Politico highlighted the fact that Comey's book and media interviews are likely to make prosecutors like Mueller "cringe" because he is a witness who has "inside knowledge about the FBI’s investigation into Trump," and has had "direct interactions with the president that Mueller is examining for potential obstruction of justice."



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