WALSH: When Will We Stop Sending Our Kids To Be Brainwashed By Far Left Lunatics At College?

A woman named Randa Jarrar has been gloating on Twitter over the death of Barbara Bush. She called the former First Lady a "piece of sh*t" and a "racist," and said she's "happy" that "George W. Bush is really sad right now."

There is nothing particularly notable about a mentally ill Twitter troll using the death of a famous person to get attention. The only thing that makes this case especially disturbing, though not at all surprising, is Ms. Jarrar's job: she's a professor at Fresno State. Not only a professor, but a professor with total job security. She boasted about her tenure, using the grammar and punctuation of a 9-year-old: "sweetie i work as a tenured professor. I make 100K a year doing that. i will never be fired. i will always have people wanting to hear what i have to say. even you are one of them!"

By the way, she teaches English.

This is not new territory for Fresno State. Last year a different professor got into hot water when he tweeted "Trump must hang." You may also remember the college professor who wanted to display a painting of Trump in an orgy with other world leaders. Or the professor who was caught on video cussing out a conservative student. Or the professor who physically assaulted a pro-life protestor. Or any of a million other examples of far-Left madness among educators in the university system. Liberal professors outnumber conservative professors by a ratio of 12 to 1, so there is no shortage of examples of left-wing bias.

This brings me back to a question I have asked 10,000 times, and will probably ask another 10,000 times before anyone offers an acceptable answer: Why are we sending our children to these institutions to be brainwashed by far-Left lunatics? We are not just sending them, we are paying exorbitant sums to send them. We are driving ourselves into debt so that the values we have instilled in our kids may come under a sustained and vicious assault for the next half-decade.

We are paying tens of thousands of dollars for Randa Jarrar and her ilk. Maybe she isn't the crazy one here.

There are some good colleges, yes. A few. But we, as Christians and conservatives, are not relegating ourselves to those options. If we did, most of the liberal colleges would no longer exist. We are keeping them in business ourselves, handing over fists of cash, so that they can continue destroying generation upon generation of young people.

A woman emailed me just last week to complain that her son has turned into a liberal atheist after three years at UCLA. I feel very bad for her. I pray for her son. But the question remains: Why did you send your son to UCLA? What good could possibly have come of it? Specifically, what good could come to his soul? Even if it benefits his career and his resume (which is far from a guarantee), what does that profit him if he loses his soul in the process?

Personally, I don't care if my kids make six-figure salaries. I don't much care what they do for living, provided it is moral. My dream for their lives has nothing to do with income or occupation or social status. I just want them to be good Christians. If that is all they ever become, they will be far greater successes than the vast majority of their peers.

There are a few colleges out there that could potentially help them in their pursuit of holiness. I would consider spending money — even a lot of money — on one of those. But I wouldn't spend a single dime to send them to Fresno or UCLA or any similar school.

Indeed, I would spend every dime I have to keep them out.

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