Hannity Rebuked On Own Show For Failing To Disclose Relationship With Trump Lawyer

Sean Hannity on Monday faced a fiery guest who rebuked the Fox News host for not revealing that he was a client of President Trump's embattled lawyer, Michael Cohen.

Harvard University Professor Alan Dershowitz, who has decried the recent FBI raid of Cohen's home and office as a violation of attorney-client privilege, called out Hannity.

"I do want to say, I really think that you should have disclosed your relationship with Cohen when you talked about him on this show," Dershowitz said. "You could have said just you had asked him for advice or whatever. But I think it would have been much much better if you had disclosed that relationship."

Hannity then said that if Dershowitz "understood the nature" of his relationship with Cohen, he would see "it was minimal."

But Dershowitz pressed on. "You should have said that and that would have been fair to say, that it was minimal. You were in a tough position because you had to talk about Cohen and you didn't want the fact that you had spoken to him revealed, and you have the right, by the way, not to reveal that."

"I have the right to privacy, I do," Hannity agreed. "It was such a minor relationship, it was to do with real estate, nothing political."

At the end of his show, Hannity addressed viewers directly.

"Let me set the record straight. Here's the truth. Michael Cohen never represented me in any legal matter, I never retained his services, I never received an invoice, I never paid Michael Cohen for legal fees.

"I did have occasional, brief conversations with Micheal Cohen, he's a great attorney, about legal questions I had or I was looking for input and perspective. My discussion with Michael Cohen never rose to any level that I needed to tell anyone that I was asking him questions.

"And to be absolutely clear, they never involved any matter, any — sorry to disappoint so many — matter between me, a third party, a third group, at all. My question almost exclusively focused on real estate," Hannity said.

Editor's note: This article initially identified Dershowitz as a professor at Yale rather than Harvard.


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