The BBC Shows Its Anti-Catholic Black Hand: Holy Communion 'Tastes Like Cardboard, Smells Like Hate.'

"You cannot imagine it treating any other religion like this.”

A recent pro-LGBT poetry slam video from a BBC affiliate called "BBC The Social" demonstrates that anti-Catholic bigotry is still alive and well in the kingdom found by family man Henry VIII.

"BBC The Social" bills itself as “the best of Scotland’s music, comedy, drama, lifestyle, sport and everything in between" while advising their followers to be prepared "to be surprised, shocked and amazed.” It's neither surprising, nor shocking, nor amazing that the BBC would characterize the Catholic sacrament of Holy Communion as a vessel that "tastes like cardboard, smells like hate."

The Catholic Church teaches that Holy Communion, bread and wine consecrated by a priest, becomes the actual body and blood of Christ during the holy sacrifice of the Mass. To Catholics, the ingestion of Christ's body into theirs expiates them of venial sin, further drawing them closer to Christ in sanctification. Holy Communion, also called the Eucharist, is said to be the bedrock on which all of Catholicism is based. Without the Eucharist, there exists no priesthood, and without a priesthood, there exists no Pope, much less a church for him to lead.

According to the BBC video titled “Time for Love,” which features an openly homosexual man waxing poetic about intolerance and Christian bigotry, Holy Communion is an empty cracker that affirms ignorant people in their bigotry.

In the video, the man rhymes for several verses about strangers being unaccepting of his public displays of affection towards his lover in a park on an afternoon. One of the most explosive of these strangers is, of course, a raging Christian zealot. At this moment, the video cuts to a priest giving a Catholic woman communion on the tongue, only it's not communion, but a cheese cracker.

“It tastes like cardboard, and it smells like hate," says the narrator.

Bishop John Keenan of the Diocese of Paisley told the Catholic Herald that the video abuses Catholics in a time where such abuse is fashionable.

"Offensive to Catholics in both the words and images used,” said Bishop John Keenan. “It is ridiculing and demeaning the faith of ordinary Catholics, especially at a time when Catholics are experiencing more and more abuse and prejudice in Scotland."

“The BBC has to be careful,” he added. “It has to ask itself if it has ceased to be a broadcaster in the public interest, and is just promoting particular interests.You cannot imagine it treating any other religion like this.”

Indeed, the BBC would not dare show a Muslim praying to Muhammad while using the word "hate" so flippantly.


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