CONSPIRACY TV: MSNBC Promotes Wild Syrian Conspiracy Theories

Shaun Heasley/Getty Images

Immediately following President Donald Trump's decision to launch strikes against Syria for their use of chemical weapons, MSNBC launched a campaign promoting conspiracy theories — and examples appeared on multiple shows across the network.

The first and most notable example came on Friday night from far-left host Rachael Maddow, who suggested that Trump launched the strike against Syria to divert attention away from a "catastrophic domestic scandal."


On Saturday, conspiracy theorist Joy Reid said the media had an "obligation" to explore and promote the possibility that Trump launched strikes against Syria to distract the American people from issues he is dealing with in the U.S.


Also on Saturday, MSNBC allowed Sarah Badawi, a senior lobbyist for the far-left group Progressive Change Campaign, to go on air and suggest that Trump launched the strikes against Syria because of Comey's new book.


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