San Francisco: Progressive 'Church' To Host A 'Beyoncé Mass'

"Beyoncé? At church? That's right!"

A wildly progressive church in San Francisco has conferred sainthood on the pop singer Beyoncé and will be celebrating her with a "Beyoncé Mass."

The so-called "Mass" in honor of the singer who once gave homage to the Black Panthers during a performance will be held at Grace Cathedral, an Episcopalian congregation, during their hip, young adult service called "The Vine."

On the event's Facebook page, the saintly Beyoncé is described as one whose "art opens a window into the lives of the marginalized and forgotten."

"Beyoncé? At church? That's right!" says the page. "Come to The Vine SF on Wednesday, April 25 to sing your Beyoncé favorites and discover how her art opens a window into the lives of the marginalized and forgotten—particularly black females."

Delivering the sermon will be Rev. Yolanda Norton, an Assistant Professor of Old Testament at San Francisco Theological Seminary (SFTS), who also teaches a class titled "Beyoncé and the Bible."

"This is the third week in our teaching series, 'Speaking Truth: The Power of Story in Community,'" the page concludes. "Join us throughout May as we look at how we can grow together using each of our unique voices."

On top of building an idol out of a pop singer, the same church just recently hosted a talk that portrayed Mary Magdalene as the "first Nasty woman" by photoshopping a "p***y hat" onto a painting of her. From the page:

Hillary Clinton is in good company. The story of strong, smart women being insulted and marginalized by agents of patriarchy is as old as time. If Mary Magdalene were alive today, she'd surely be wearing a pink hat and marching with all who wear that epithet, "nasty woman," as a badge of honor. Come to The Vine this Wednesday to learn how Mary Magdalene went from resurrection prophet to penitent prostitute by an ancient smear campaign, and discover how her story can empower women everywhere today.


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