WATCH: Maxine Waters Cuts Off Mick Mulvaney After Getting Schooled

On Wednesday, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) cut off Consumer Financial Protection Bureau director Mick Mulvaney during a hearing, after he gave her an education on the separation of powers, leaving her embarrassed.

After asking Mulvaney why people should trust him to lead the CFPB, Waters insisted that she and her fellow legislators were responsible for implementing the Dodd-Frank financial regulations.

“With respect, Congresswoman, I would say that I am the one responsible for implementing Dodd-Frank, not you,” Mulvaney shot back. “You were responsible for passing legislation and then the executive branch implements it.”

“I have not burnt the place down,” Mulvaney continued. “Despite what you may have heard about what I was going to do when I got in there — I think that we have ten fewer people working there now than the day I took over, and that’s out of 1627 people. We continue—”

“I’m reclaiming my time,” Waters declared, after getting embarrassed.



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