Muslim Teen Claimed Man Ripped Off Her Hijab In Hate Crime. That's Not What Happened.

A 13-year-old Muslim girl from Virginia claimed a man approached her on the street after noticing that she was wearing a hijab, called her a "terrorist" and, while threatening her at knife-point, snatched off her Islamic headscarf.

But before you clutch your pearls and deem America a country filled with Islamophobic bigots, here's what police are saying actually happened: the girl made the whole thing up.

Authorities have charged the teen for filing a false police report about the apparently fanaticized incident, investigators announced Tuesday.

"Officers say the girl originally reported to them that a man approached her on the afternoon of April 6 near Riverview Lane and Jato Court in Woodbridge. The girl told police that as she walked, the man confronted her, cursed at her and pulled a knife. The girl also told police that the man called her a terrorist and yanked off her headscarf, known as a hijab," says a report from Fox 5 D.C. "Police say detectives were able to determine that the victim falsely reported the alleged encounter."

The unnamed teen will face charges in juvenile court.

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