WATCH: CNN Shuts Down Democrat's Collusion Conspiracy

On Friday, CNN's Anderson Cooper shut down a conspiracy theory from a Democratic lawmaker who suggested that one of Donald Trump's associates was connected to WikiLeaks.

Appearing on CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360°," Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) brought up the messages that were discovered between Trump's longtime friend Roger Stone and WikiLeaks as he suggested that the American public was not being told the truth about what happened.

"The larger issue here is, I do not believe that the Trump team, the family, the candidate, and associates like Stone are not coming clean," Swalwell said. "I am here in Muscatine, Iowa, Anderson, talking to voters and what they are saying to me is, ‘just come clean, just tell us the truth so we can better protect the ballot box when we go to vote this November.’”

Not only were no votes changed due to "hacking" in the 2016 election, but, as Cooper pointed out, Swalwell's suggestion that there is more to the story than Americans are being told regarding connections between Stone and WikiLeaks, has no factual basis in reality.

“Just for the record, the text exchanges over Twitter and direct message between Stone and WikiLeaks, the ones that have at least been released, and I assume those are the only ones, they don’t really show anything,” Cooper responded.

“It doesn’t seem like there’s any smoking gun there,” Cooper concluded.



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