George Soros: Trump, Cruz, And GOP Are 'Doing The Work Of ISIS'; Predicts Clinton Landslide Victory

During an interview at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, billionaire left-wing investor George Soros said that Donald Trump, Senator Ted Cruz, and other unnamed Republicans were “doing the work of ISIS” by sowing seeds of division between societies and cultures.

“We mentioned a lot of crises, but we didn’t talk about the U.S. election. How worried are you about the popularity of Donald Trump?” asked a left-wing reporter, implying that Trump's ascendance was a crisis unto itself.

“Donald Trump is doing the work of ISIS, and before that Al-Qaeda discovered the Achilles heel of Western Civilization - the fear of death - and when it interferes with reason, and people do things out of fear, which is actually harmful, and by fear-mongering, Donald Trump and the others, Cruz and so on, are doing the work of ISIS,” replied Soros, parroting the narrative of President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the broader left in attributing inspiration for Islamic terrorism to Republicans and conservatives hostile towards Islamism.

In other words, otherwise good Muslims transition into mass murdering Jihadists upon exposure to the political prognostications of Trump, Cruz, or other conservatives, right-wingers, and/or Republicans who share their views.

Also unexplained was why the emotion of fear should not be integrated into political decision-making by Americans contemplating which candidate(s) to support.

“It must be wrong to do what your enemies want you to do. They want people to turn against Muslims, treat them as under suspicion, and convince the Muslim community that there is no alternative except terrorism,” added Soros, in explaining how he was able to resist what he described as an appealing yet “elemental” message from Trump and Cruz during previous Republican debates.

According to Soros, ISIS and other Islamic terrorist movements want America to restrict immigration and visitation of Muslims, despite open claims to the contrary of their intent to infiltrate America and the broader West via refugee and immigration mechanisms. Moreover, Islamic terrorists have already infiltrated America and other Western states via these avenues.

“I don’t think the threat of ISIS should be overestimated,” said Soros, against channeling left-wing narratives of framing ISIS as the sole manifestation of contemporary Islamic terrorism while playing down the threat posed to free societies by Jihadism.

Predicting that Clinton would win the presidency in a “landslide” election in terms of the popular vote, Soros claimed that the former first lady was campaigning for the general election. Republicans, on the other hand, were said to be narrowly focused on their party’s primaries, who he described as a “small group of extremists.”

“I don’t think that Donald Trump has any chance of being elected,” concluded Soros, adding that Clinton was “the most qualified” candidate for the presidency.

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