Mark Levin: We're Watching The 'Pornification Of The Media'

"CNN will never live down that interview."

In an interview with fellow Fox News host Sean Hannity Tuesday night, Mark Levin criticized the media for obsessing over the alleged affair between President Donald Trump and porn star Stormy Daniels while ignoring other important stories.

"[W]e know that lies were told to a federal judge at the FISA court to get a warrant to spy on an American citizen and then for a year they got three extensions. The media do not care about that," said Levin. "So what do the media care about? The pornification of the media."

Levin specifically slammed the "60 Minutes" interview between Daniels and CNN anchor Anderson Cooper.

"This Anderson Cooper, you know, I didn't watch this (the interview)," he said. "You showed this on your show earlier the questions he was asking. Has he no shame? Is he not embarrassed? The children of this country to listen to a reporter go on and on about the kind of sex, when you had sex?"

"It's sick," said Hannity.

"It's sick," Levin agreed. "And I'm starting to think some of these reporters are enjoying sitting at their computers doing research on Daniels…"

Hannity compared the "60 Minutes" interview to the sensationalized content featured on "The Jerry Springer Show" with Levin pointing out that, in the meantime, the media has refused to cover other newsworthy stories.

"We have North Korea that's threatening us with nuclear missiles. We have Iran that's trying to get nuclear missiles," Levin said. "We have Russia that's not only interfering with our elections but threatening us. We have China that's threatening us, stealing our technology."

He continued, "What the media are doing, what I called the Praetorian Guard media they're the mouth pieces and scribes for the ideological left, for the Democrat Party. They are embarrassing themselves."

Levin concluded: "Anderson Cooper will never live down that interview. CNN will never live down that interview. And the more they chase these sort of things and they're not serious, it's one thing they have differences of opinion on substance and the more they bring out her slip and fall lawyer to go out there and make the arguments he makes, the more they degrade themselves."

Watch a clip from the interview below:

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