WATCH: Prostitute Leads 'Hoes Need Abortions' Chant At Protest

In a video taken during protests over Ireland's proposed abortion legalization measure last year, a prostitute from The Sex Worker's Alliance of Ireland gives her best pro-abortion argument by leading the crowd in a "hoes need abortions!" chant.

The protest was held last year in Dublin at the "Repeal the 8th" rally. Unborn children are protected from the fatal procedure under the 8th Amendment of the Constitution of Ireland; abortion is only permissible in extreme cases.

Kate McGrew, a pro-abortion activist and prostitute, lead a group of hyped-up feminists in the vulgar chant.

"Hoes need abortion!" she yelled repeatedly, pumping her clenched fist in the air.

McGrew gave an asinine speech discussing how the "right" to murder unborn children is tied to "consent" and "bodily autonomy," and is necessary for sex workers.

Of course, the unborn human murdered in the process of such alleged liberation has no such protections.

Though the rights of the unborn are currently protected in Ireland, that might be changing as soon as May.

"Ireland’s Supreme Court ... cleared the way for an abortion referendum planned for the end of May, ruling that the unborn do not have inherent constitutional rights outside the right to life in the eighth amendment of the constitution," reported Reuters earlier this month.

This is the compelling argument of the Left: we must allow unborn babies to be killed because . . . hoes.



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