Rush Limbaugh Uses Student Gun Control Activist Tweet To Troll Media

On his radio show Monday, Rush Limbaugh used one of the "media darling" student gun control activists to troll his allies in the press, whose particular form of "journalism," Limbaugh suggested, took precisely zero years in journalism school to master.

Limbaugh led off one segment on his top-rated show on Monday by noting that David Hogg, one of the particularly prominent Parkland student activists, had tweeted over the weekend that he'd just been "rejected from another college."

Limbaugh used the tweet as an opportunity to reiterate and expound on the trolling advice he'd given Hogg a few weeks ago.

"This student from the Stoneman High School in Parkland, David Hogg, who became the media darling, you remember I advised him just to skip college and go straight to journalism, that he had nothing else to learn?" said Limbaugh.

"Yeah, this kid had already been lovingly embraced by CNN and PMSNBC, and using my own experience as a guide, I advised Mr. Hogg, 'Screw it. Don’t waste your time. You don’t need to go to college. You’re already qualified. You’ve got journalism down pat. You know who the enemies are. You know how to rip 'em to shreds. They're just waiting to hire you. Don't waste time. Go straight to journalism. It doesn’t take any more training than you already have.'"

"Mr. Hogg, forget it," Rush added later. "You don’t need it. If you apply, CNN would hire you, MSNBC would hire you. I don’t know this for certain ’cause I don’t know people there, but I’m saying, my advice to David Hogg, skip college, go straight to journalism. Already has it down pat."

Hogg made headlines again this week after appearing in a political ad in which he declares, "What if our politicians weren't the b**** of the NRA?" as well as participating in an embarrassing Twitter-hosted pro-gun control discussion in which the activist accused the NRA of making America into a "dictatorship."

In his Parkland segment, Limbaugh went on to highlight more of the new developments in the case, including the revelations that officials, including the school's security guard, wanted the shooter to be committed to a mental health program, but the Obama-era PROMISE Program likely thwarted authorities from taking action and potentially saving 17 lives.

Limbaugh eventually tied the new details to attempts by gun control activists and the left-wing media to somehow blame the NRA rather than all of the people in positions of authority who could have prevented the shooting. "What you come to realize as you go through all these is that everybody in law enforcement, everybody that had anything to do with this school, anybody down there, they knew what this guy was for a year. And nobody did anything," said Limbaugh.

"Look at how many places these families could go to sue just for negligence," he said. "But the point is not one of them is the NRA. Not one of these places that acted negligently in a way that made this shooter and his event possible was the NRA. But every one of them, every one of them in some way has ties to government."


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