The Women's March Is Losing Members After Aligning With Anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan

The movement's social media director is the latest to bail out.

The Women's March is losing membership — and now even members of its own administration — after refusing to distance itself from noted anti-Semitic (and sexist, and anti-LGBT) preacher Louis Farrakhan.

According to the New York Post, the group's social media director, Alyssa Klein, jumped ship last week and condemned the Women's March leadership on her way out, calling Farrakhan a "dangerous troll" on Twitter and suggesting Women's March members take those in leadership positions to task for supporting him.

In recent weeks, the movement lost the support of Planned Parenthood, perhaps the movement's foremost ally in support of "women's rights," and smaller, state-based branches of the Women's March have broken off from the main entity, citing Tamika Mallory and Linda Sarsour's love for Farrakhan — and refusal to fully detach from the Nation of Islam leader — as their rationale.

Mallory was supposed to be a keynote speaker at a Planned Parenthood event next month. They've canceled her.

Worse still, a petition has appeared, started by several prominent women's rights activists, asking for the full Women's March leadership team to resign en masse and make way for new leadership that actually lives by the group's axiom not to promote or tolerate hate of any kind.

“If ... these Women’s March leaders are attending his sermons and cheering him on, they should be called out and removed from their roles immediately,” the activist who authored the petition, Tali Goldsheft, told the Post.

The Women's March has tried to blame everything from "racism" to "conspiracy" for the breakdown, and both Mallory and Sarsour have refused to fully condemn Farrakhan, whose history of anti-Semitism is well-documented.

Mallory sat in the audience as Farrakhan called Jews "Satanic" during a speech in Chicago last month, and then, when asked why she applauded, suggested that embracing Farrakhan was part of the group's effort at "intersectionality." Sarsour has spoken at Nation of Islam events. A third women's march leader, Carmen Perez, who was pictured embracing Farrakhan in a photo from last year, simply told media that, "[t]here are no perfect leaders.”


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