VILE: Critics Attack Donald Trump Jr. On Twitter Over Divorce Announcement

Social media hate.

On Thursday, it was revealed that Vanessa Trump had filed for divorce from her husband Donald Trump, Jr. While most people expressed sympathy for the couple and their five children, some of Trump's critics on the far-left immediately took the opportunity to attack the Trump family.

The result was a smattering of Twitter posts that had childish and hate-filled messages against Donald Trump, Jr. and his father President Donald Trump by proxy.

The Hollywood elite immediately joined the Trump bashing.

Conservatives on Twitter immediately expressed their support for Donald Trump, Jr. and his family while criticizing the Left for their insensitive attacks.

Earlier this week, Twitter suspended conservative comedian Steven Crowder after he posted a video of an undercover team member pranking an SXSW Conference LGBTQ panel. Those posting hate against Donald Trump, Jr. have not been suspended.


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