Florida Teens Go Crazy On Spring Break: Brawls, Sex In Public, Drugs

"What you're seeing is controlled chaos."

America's youth have already descended on Fort Lauderdale, Florida for their Spring Break debauchery-fest and are creating chaos. Sex in public, rampant drunkenness, openly taking drugs are just some of the many antics local police have had to deal with.

According to The Daily Mail, the scene has become one of "controlled chaos," with hundreds of students "openly smoking drugs, shot-gunning beer and performing lewd dance moves" in front of police. Some have become so intoxicated that friends have had to carry them off the sand.

"All of that in defiance of a 'zero tolerance policy' towards drugs and alcohol on the beach and a heavy police presence that included K-9 and mounted units," reports TDM.

And that's just on a slow day, according to one local cop.

"What you're seeing is controlled chaos. This isn't even a particularly busy day," the cop told TDM. "Mostly, what we see is misdemeanor stuff, drunk, fighting stuff. One of them will get out a boom box and they all crowd round it."

"There's definitely drugs — you can smell it in the air — so what we do is take a K-9 through every so often."

Spring Break celebrations pump an estimated $1 billion into the economy, which is a good thing, except for the rising costs in police budgets to regulate them.

"Last year's revelry resulted in a 72 percent increase in police callouts to the beach compared to 2015 — with 131 911-calls during the month of March and 47 arrests," reports TDM. "On Friday alone, DailyMail.com witnessed eight incidents in which kids were hauled off the beach or cited for drug and alcohol possession within the space of 30 minutes."

The locals have grown increasingly irate. Major Dana Swisher, 45, says that March is replete with complaints of disorderly conduct. "We obviously get some complaints, even though it happens every year," he said. "A lot of it is misinformation — they didn't realize that street was going to be closed and stuff like that."

As the month of March ensues, up to 4 million students are expected to descend on Fort Lauderdale for Spring Break. Behind the theme park resorts in Orlando, Fort Lauderdale stands second place as the most popular Spring Break destination in the state.

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