UTTER HYPOCRISY: Eric Holder Rips House Committee For Wrapping Up Russia Probe: 'This Is A Coverup.'

On Monday, after the House Intelligence Committee announced they were wrapping up the Russia probe, finding no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, former Attorney General Eric Holder, the only U.S. Attorney General ever held in contempt of Congress, decided to attack the GOP members of the committee, calling their actions a coverup. Coming from the man whose involvement in coverups is legendary, that was one heckuva display of hypocrisy.

Let us take a moment to review Mr. Holder’s record.

Four years after Congress requested documents relating to the “gun walking” scandal, Holder’s DOJ finally produced them: 20,000 pages worth.

The Fast and Furious scandal started when in 2010, a U.S. Customs and Border Patrol Agent was killed patrolling the Mexican border. The only two firearms found at the scene were semi-automatic rifles Holder’s DOJ allowed to “walk” as part of Fast and Furious, an operation that permitted roughly 2,000 firearms to be received by Mexican cartel associates.

As Paul Mirengoff outlined at Powerline:

When the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform tried to investigate the scandal, Team Obama stonewalled. First, it denied that law enforcement officers allowed straw purchasers to buy firearms illegally in the United States with the intent to traffic them without apprehension. Almost a year later, it finally admitted that this is precisely what had happened.

Second, when the Committee subpoenaed relevant documents, Eric Holder’s DOJ refused to produce them, citing “executive privilege.” The House voted to hold Holder in contempt and filed suit to obtain the documents. Three and half years later, Judge Jackson ordered production of the 20,000 pages mentioned above.

Jason Chaffetz, chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, stated in a memo:

More than previously understood, the documents show the lengths to which senior Department officials went to keep information from Congress. Further, the documents reveal how senior Justice Department officials—including Attorney General Eric Holder—intensely followed and managed an effort to carefully limit and obstruct the information produced to Congress.

As John Fund and Hans Spakovsky wrote in “Obama’s Enforcer: Eric Holder’s Justice Department": “The evidence is overwhelming that Holder has lied under oath to Congress on numerous occasions.”

Holder’s actions regarding the targeting of James Rosen of Fox News and the IRS scandal in which the agency targeted conservative groups, are two of the numerous incidents in which Holder’s behavior was severely questioned.


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