Benjamin Netanyahu Praises America, Slams Obama’s Iran Deal In Mark Levin Interview

"America has been the vanguard of freedom."

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sat down on Fox News' "Life, Liberty, Levin" on Sunday for an exclusive interview in which he praised the U.S. and slammed the Iran Deal negotiated by former President Barack Hussein Obama.

Host Mark Levin asked Netanyahu, "What is it about America that you find so profound and so compelling? You spend a lot of time here."

"Well, I think, in one word, freedom. Freedom," he replied. "Because I think that America has been the vanguard of freedom." The Israeli PM added that America is a "meritocracy" rather than "a class society."

"If you’re good, if you have the smarts and the ambition, you can do it, and this is a message for everybody. At least it should be," he said." That’s the way I see America, that’s what I encountered in America, and I thought should be brought to Israel and in many ways."

Levin then asked Netanyahu about the Obama Administration and what disagreements the Israeli PM had with the former president.

"The disagreement was this: The nuclear deal, as structured, basically takes away the constraints on Iran’s nuclear program by a date certain," Netanyahu said. "Iran can do anything it wants in the interim, it can conquer countries, which exactly is what they’re doing, and they’ll still get the removal of these limitations. I said, look, make sure, don’t remove these restrictions until Iran changes its behavior."

The prime minister noted that he had attempted to present the case at the time that the conditions of the deal should focus on the terror-sponsoring state's "behavior" rather than the "calendar," but the administration ignored his warnings about the threat posed by the deal. Iran is now "out of its cage," he said, but there's time to impose restrictions once again.

"You cannot devour one country after the other, that's what they said," he said. "They said Iran will now join the community of nations after this nuclear deal. No. Iran is just devouring the nations, that’s what it’s doing. I think you need a change of policy, and [I'm] very glad to see there has been such a change in Washington by President Trump.”

Watch a portion of the interview below:

Partial transcript via The Daily Caller.


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