WATCH: CNN Has Caitlyn Jenner Lecture Us On The Hardships Of Womanhood

To celebrate International Women's Day on Thursday, CNN had biological male Caitlyn Jenner soundoff on the hardships of womanhood.

"My path to womanhood was very different," said Jenner, who went on to suggest women are treated as "second-class citizens" who are conditioned to be both "emotionally" and "physically" weaker by society.

"Women are brought up to kind of be a second-class citizen," said the former gold-medal winning male decathlete, "emotionally weaker, physically weaker."

"I've always been inspired by strong women," he concluded.

There are some minor hangups, here, of course. To start, CNN, once again, has bucked their "truth" narrative. Jenner is presented here as a woman, though he is, in fact, a male suffering from gender dysphoria; cosmetic surgeries do not change this reality.

Additionally, doesn't this poke a hole in the progressive narrative that only women can speak on "women's issues"? For goodness sake, this line of attack is used to silence half the population about abortion, a life issue. But because Jenner says he's a woman, this is somehow acceptable and not offensive?

How exactly is Jenner lecturing on the hardships of womanhood any different than "trans-black" Rachel Dolezal lecturing on the hardships of being black?

At CNN, a man who "transitioned" to a woman (he didn't) five minutes ago knows exactly what it's like to be female, apparently.

Remind us again, CNN: Is this an apple or a banana?



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