WATCH: Pro-Abortion Activist Harasses Pro-Life Demonstrators

[WARNING: The Following Article Contains Strong Language]

On March 7, the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform (CBR), an anti-abortion organization, set up a “Genocide Awareness Project (GAP)” on the campus of Mira Costa College in Oceanside, California. They had all the requisite legal permissions to do so.

CBR utilizes what’s known as “abortion victim photography” in these projects, displaying actual photographs of aborted fetuses in order to showcase the brutality of the procedure.

Additionally, at their demonstrations, pro-life activists from this organization feature photographs from various atrocities next to the photographs of aborted fetuses — African Americans who were lynched, victims of the Holocaust, victims of the genocide in Rwanda. This is done with a very specific purpose. Just as African Americans, Jews, and Tutsis were considered less than human at various times during the 19th and 20th centuries, the preborn are today considered less than human by many Americans.

During the GAP at Mira Costa College, CBR’s Southwest Regional Director Abra Singleton recorded an encounter in which a pro-abortion opposition demonstrator became aggressive and insulting.

Singleton wanted to clarify that in the following transcript, she misspoke, saying “against abortion” rather than “for abortion.” The transcript of the exchange will reflect that:

ACTIVIST: Let’s go. What’s your name? What’s your name? What’s your name?

SINGLETON: Yeah, you can’t get super close in someone’s face.

ACTIVIST: What’s your name? You’re in my face.

SINGLETON: No, you walked up to me. That’s actually harassment. You have to back up.

ACTIVIST: This whole thing is harassment. You putting photos of dead people, genocide victims is harassment.

SINGLETON: You can’t be in my face like this.

SINGLETON: [Activist backs up a bit] Thank you.

ACTIVIST: Look at this f***ed up haircut. J**** g***** c*****, you need some biotin. Holy s***.

SINGLETON: That’s a good argument for abortion.

ACTIVIST: Your hairline looks like a tsunami warning. I feel like I have to get to f***ing higher ground. It’s so g***** receded.


ACTIVIST: J****, and look at you, [turns to anti-abortion volunteer] ankle deep in your own f***ing gene pool. That’s f***ing amazing. But you’re still out here; you’re still kicking.

SINGLETON: Is this your scientific argument for abortion?

ACTIVIST: Look at those. Look that those. They have a “preborn lives matter [sweatshirt],” f***ing white, but they have a photo of a black person being f***ing lynched on the other side of this.

SINGLETON: Yeah, ‘cause society thinks preborn lives don’t matter. So that’s what I’m bringing attention to.

ACTIVIST: That is so f***ing funny. You think that abortion compares to being lynched? Wow.

SINGLETON: Yeah, it’s human beings we’re talking about.

ACTIVIST: That’s really interesting, ugly.

SINGLETON: See, this is what happens when you don’t have an argument. You just resort to –

ACTIVIST: This is what happens when you’re an ugly, inbred piece of s***. Look at that.

SINGLETON: Wow. Thank you. Thanks for proving our point.

Here’s the video (full disclosure – Abra Singleton, Southwest Regional Director of CBR, is my sister):


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