New Minnesota Law Would Ban 'The Bachelor' From The State

Arie Luyendyk would no longer be allowed within Minnesota's borders after breaking his reality TV fiance's heart.

Minnesota lawmakers were deeply affected by this week's "Bachelor" shocker, where race car driver Arie Luyendyk Jr. dumped the fiance he selected in the season finale — Minnesota native Rebecca Kufrin — for runner up, Lauren Burnham.

One legislator even filed a bill, Thursday, that would bar Luyendyk from ever entering the state of Minnesota again.

State Rep. Drew Christensen said he was only thinking of his constituents and their abject disgust with Luyendyk, who broke up with Kufrin live on television during the second hour of Tuesday's penultimate "Bachelor" episode, when Christensen drafted "right to live free" act that mentioned Luyendyk by name.

It was social media, though which finally persuaded Christensen to actually file the bill. He said if he got 1,000 re-tweets he'd introduce the bill in a session; he got 11,000.

The bill was filed Thursday.

Luyendyk has not released comment, but given that he and his fiance are both residents of the coasts, the lifetime ban from Minnesota probably won't bother him much.

Kufrin, the spurned lover, is set to become the next "Bachelorette" in a season of the series premiering in April, because this whole situation was entirely orchestrated from the beginning to give people who aren't trapped in front of a television they can't change, an excuse to watch "The Bachelor."

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