FLIP-FLOP: Pelosi Changes Mind On Whether Democrat Accused Of Sexual Misconduct Should Resign

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi appeared to change her mind on Thursday on whether Democrat Rep. Ruben Kihuen (NV) should resign amid a wave of sexual misconduct allegations.

Pelosi stated in December after the first allegations against Kihuen surfaced that he should resign, saying, “The young woman’s documented account is convincing, and I commend her for the courage it took to come forward. In light of these upsetting allegations, Congressman Kihuen should resign.”

Kihuen, who has not commented on whether he will run again, has until March 16 to file for re-election.

Despite Kihuen being accused by at least four women of a variety of sexual crimes, Pelosi appears to have changed her stance on whether he should resign when asked the question during her weekly press conference: "Let's see what he decides to do. I don't mean to be rude in my response, but I don't want to speculate on something that may or may not happen."


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