Rush: More Evidence That The Only Real Russia Collusion Was Democratic Collusion To Take Down Trump

On his radio program Tuesday, Rush Limbaugh hammered home a point about a topic he's addressed several times over the past year: the Trump-Russia collusion investigation, which after a year still hasn't produced any evidence of anything resembling the conspiracy that Democrats have alleged took place. In fact, said Limbaugh, more evidence now suggests that the only collusion with Russia was Hillary Clinton and the DNC's collusion with Russian sources to take down Trump.

Limbaugh began the segment by pointing to information revealed Monday night on Fox News by Republican Congressman Devin Nunes (CA), the author of the declassified intelligence memo that sent shockwaves throughout D.C. with its allegations that the FBI used the notorious Clinton and DNC-funded anti-Trump "Steele dossier" without fully revealing its funding sources in an attempt to spy on Team Trump. Here's the quote that Limbaugh focused in on (video below):

Nunes: We know exactly who was getting information from the Russians. It was the Hillary Clinton campaign. They were getting information from the Russians, dirt on Trump to use in a campaign. That’s the very thing that for a year and a half we’ve been trying to investigate — whether or not the Trump campaign was trying to get dirt against Hillary Clinton from the Russians? We have no evidence of that.

"We have evidence that the Hillary campaign was being fed 'information from Russians to use against the Trump campaign,' and the clearest, the No. 1 exhibit is the Steele dossier! " said Limbaugh. "The Steele dossier is Exhibit A in Clinton getting information from the Russians to damage Trump! And they paid for it — $10 million — through the law firm."

Limbaugh noted that the argument he was making wasn't new: We've known this for months, yet the media continues to act as if we don't.

"You know the drill now. Nunes just had a new way of expressing it last night. It really isn’t a new revelation or new discovery," said Limbaugh. "We know that the Clinton campaign hired Steele — well, Fusion GPS hired Steele — under orders from the Clinton campaign with a law firm in there as a cutout to actually handle the transaction, giving the Clinton campaign a couple layers of plausible deniability and invisibility."

Limbaugh also took a moment to sum up what we've learned about the nature of the Steele dossier, which is simply a "political opposition research document."

"It’s made up. None of it’s true, either," said Rush. "The Russians and the Clintons were colluding."

Limbaugh added that Alexander Downer, one of the informants who told the FBI about Papaopoulos, was a former Australian foreign minister who had allegedly "steer[ed] money from the Australian government" to the Clinton Foundation. "This guy was in the tank for the Clintons, and this is the guy who Papadopoulos just happened to accidentally start spilling his guts to while drunk, and this is what Adam Schiff says really got the investigation going as far as the FISA warrant," said Limbaugh.

"Folks, we’re being lied to like you can’t believe and understand and even keep track of here," he continued. "There are real culprits who have committed real criminal acts, and they’re in plain sight, and they’re being ignored and protected and shielded at the same time. Meanwhile, people who haven’t had a thing to do with the premise of Trump colluding with Russia — because there hasn’t been any — are having their lives ruined!"

"There is no Trump-Russia collusion," Rush stressed. "There is Hillary and Democrat Russian collusion. And yet people are being pursued, they’re being bankrupted, they’re being wrung out on a false premise while the real culprits are sitting there in plain sight, getting away with it each and every day."

As for The New Yorker piece on Steele and the dossier referenced by Nunes, Limbaugh said its author, Jane Mayor, is a left-wing partisan hack who is overtly trying "to rehab Steele’s broken reputation and image and build him back up to heroic status."

Here's the video of Nunes' interview with Fox (quoted comments begin around the 4:20 mark):

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