WATCH: Shapiro On Fox: Hollywood Celebrates Films That 'Spit The Most In The Eye Of The Common American'

"I was not interested in watching all these people who are sexually harassing and raping each other lecture the rest of America on why our morality is deficient."

Appearing on Fox & Friends Tuesday morning, Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro ripped Hollywood for its celebration of films that “spit the most in the eye of the common American,” and slammed the Hollywood community for lecturing America on morals while the film community is itself so deficient morally. Host Steve Doocy started by mentioning President Trump’s tweet in which he poked fun at Hollywood,

That prompted Shapiro to respond:

Anything the president says is going to be taken as seriously as possible so long as it can hurt him, by the media. Pretty good joke, Mr. President; I like that one. Obviously, the ratings at the Oscars were down again this year; they’ve been down for the last several years, and the reason is pretty simple: Hollywood, when they put what they think is the best of Hollywood on display, it’s what they think spits the most in the eye of the common American. And so they haven’t had a picture since 2004 that’s won Best Picture that was in the top ten at the box office. There’s this great divide in Hollywood between the movies that actually earn money and the movies that people want to see, and the movies that Hollywood wants to show us that they make, the ones that they talk about at the actual cocktail parties that they do have out here. So the movie that will win Best Picture is a movie about a person having sex with a fish, Grinding Nemo, that’ll win Best Picture, but the movies that people actually want to see across the United States, those are the ones that maybe are nominated for a technical award. No wonder people aren’t tuning in.

Shapiro added, “I didn’t even watch it this year for the first time in forever simply because, again, I was not interested in watching all these people who are sexually harassing and raping each other lecture the rest of America on why our morality is deficient … that’s highly irritating, I think, to most Americans, and it should be.”

Host Ainsely Earhardt asked Shapiro about the multitude of appearances on TV on Monday of Sam Nunberg, who was asked on-air if he was drunk. Shapiro stated:

It’s irresponsible of members of the media to put this guy on the air if they legit think he’s drunk. If you actually think somebody’s drunk or suffering from a severe mental deficiency, it is not newsworthy to put that person on the air. It does show the desperation level in some areas of the media; CNN has now deployed a reporter to Russia to dig through an actual dumpster on-air; they’re now deploying reporters to Thailand to talk to a Russian prostitute who just wants to get out of jail, saying she has material on Trump/Russia. Let’s just ask a simple question: if Sam Nunberg were not a former Trump aide but he were a former Obama aide on television ripping up Obama during Obama’s term, do we really think that the networks, that CNN and MSNBC, would have been featuring him all day yesterday? Or would they have said, “This guy does not look stable and we’re not going to put him in front of a camera.”

Watch below:

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