BOMBSHELL: FBI Agent Strzok Was Told Of Possible Breach Into Clinton's Server, Didn't Follow Up

On Monday, Fox News exclusively reported that anti-Trump FBI agent Peter Strzok was notified in the final months of the criminal investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server that there was a possible breach but chose to not follow up on it.

Two sources who are directly familiar with the matter told Fox News that Strzok was specifically informed of an "irregularity in the metadata" of Clinton’s server that suggested that an unauthorized party had breached the server. Despite the obvious national security implications, Strzok did not support taking the recommended course of action, completing a formal damage assessment. Fox News noted:

Fox News is told the Justice Department Inspector General, Michael E. Horowitz, is aware of the allegations.

According to intelligence community directive 732, damage assessments are done “in response to unauthorized disclosure or compromise of classified national intelligence.”

Intelligence beyond top secret was identified on the Clinton server. As secretary of state, Clinton chose to use a private, non-secure server for government business.

The revelation is significant as James Comey said in July 2016, at the conclusion of the investigation, that hostile actors gained access to Clinton's email account. According to remarks prepared for delivery at Comey's press briefing, the former FBI director stated:

With respect to potential computer intrusion by hostile actors, we did not find direct evidence that Secretary Clinton’s personal e-mail domain, in its various configurations since 2009, was successfully hacked. But, given the nature of the system and of the actors potentially involved, we assess that we would be unlikely to see such direct evidence. We do assess that hostile actors gained access to the private commercial e-mail accounts of people with whom Secretary Clinton was in regular contact from her personal account.

As Fox News notes, it was Strozk who changed the language in the FBI's report on Clinton to describe her actions as “extremely careless” instead of “grossly negligent,” which is a felony under the federal criminal statute 18 USC 793.

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