WATCH: Leftist Law Students Wreck Sommers Lecture While Calling HER A Fascist

On Monday, as author Christina Hoff Sommers made her scheduled appearance at Lewis & Clark Law School in Portland, Oregon, law students executed a fascist protest of their own, all the while deriding Sommers as a fascist herself. Sommers has often stated that she favors traditional feminism, “the sort of feminism that won women the vote, educational opportunity, and many other freedoms,” but has slammed what she has called “fainting couch feminism” that champions victimhood.

On Sunday, the Portland National Lawyers Guild had tweeted their approval of the protest law students would mount on Monday, lauding them for “taking a concerted stand against fascist, racist, and misogynistic views being broadcasted (sic) on campus.”

Forget the fact that the students were acting like fascists and preventing Sommers from speaking. Here’s what went down on Monday; first Sommers was asked if she needed to arm herself, and she responded with a quip:

But then the students came with their addled ideas that Sommers herself was the fascist:

As Sommers tried to begin her speech, students joined Sommers at the front of the room, hilariously chanting in front of the female speaker, “We choose! We choose! To protest! To protest! Male supremacy! Male Supremacy! Not give it! Not give it! A platform! A platform!” They continued, “Christina Sommers has repeatedly delegitimized the suffering of women worldwide! But we believe our siblings and our comrades! Women are not liars with victim mentalities! Rape culture is not a myth!”

That wasn’t even enough, apparently; the protesters then continued by singing a homemade song, warbling, "No platform for fascists! No platform at all!”

That was followed by the tolerant leftists demanding Sommers answer their questions immediately:

Back to more singing:

And they still weren’t done:

Anyone have any trouble discerning who the fascists are in this scenario?

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