Best Troll Of Oscar Night Goes To . . .

"Grinding Nemo"

No greater night to have been a Twitter troll than on Oscar night 2018 — the worst Oscar show in living history by every objective measurement.

From rap-star Common going off on an SJW freestyle rant during his performance to Jimmy Kimmel wishing he had no penis, the night came loaded with plenty of gold moments for trolls to have their way with. Ladies and gentlemen, here are the nominees for Best Troll Of Oscar Night 2018:

1. Stephen Miller

2. Dennis Miller

3. Chad Felix Greene

4. Michael Malice

As they say, the nomination already makes you a winner. But the singular Best Troll of the night goes to none other than The Daily Wire's Ben Shapiro for spoiling our childhoods in response to the fish sex movie "The Shape of Water" taking home Best Picture:

Also, kudos to Michael Knowles for digging up this gem of a tweet from President Trump back in 2014:


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