Hundreds Of People Gather To Say 'Wow’ Like Owen Wilson

Everybody knows how Owen Wilson says "wow." Yes, you do. And you can hear it right now. You know you can.

If you really don't, here is the actor saying "wow" for 10 straight hours.

Or here's every "wow" he's ever said — all at once.

OK, we hope you didn't watch all 10 hours of Wilson saying "wow." You pretty much get the point after, like, six or seven hours. And we don't know how we missed this, but now his "wow" is becoming an even bigger thing.

At the end of February, hundreds of people gathered in Melbourne, Australia, to say “wow” in unison, trying their best to imitate the actor’s style.

The “Say Wow like Owen Wilson” event was held at Federation and organized by Nicolas Zoumboulis, who told The Independent that “ultimately I just really want to put some ‘positive energy,’ as Owen likes to say, out into the world.”

“In these times I think something as silly as getting together and saying ‘Wow’ can have a positive effect and I’d like to see everyone come together! If I can remind people that this world we are lucky to inhabit is beautiful, and to embrace that like Owen does in his movies by saying ‘Wow,’ then I’ll be happy.”

It may sound like a bunch of feral cats, but have a listen:

"Now, the same event will be happening all over the world," writes Global News.

The next scheduled “Wow like Owen Wilson” event is taking place in London, U.K. A Facebook event has been created for people to gather and “Say wow like Owen Wilson” in Trafalgar Square on March 11.

Other events are scheduled to take place in Augusta, Ga., Lafayette, La., and Chicago, Ill.

There is a Canadian event called, “Shout Owen Wilson’s Iconic ‘Wow’ In Front of the CN Tower.” It’s taking place in Toronto at Roundhouse Park on Friday, April 6 at 6 pm ET.

So, practice your Wilson "wow." You may need it soon . . .


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