Former Cable News Host Running For Congress Claims To Have Never Voted. Why? ‘Disgust’

Dylan Ratigan, former cable news host, announced on February 21 that he will be seeking to unseat Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) in the 2018 mid-term elections.

Upon his announcement, Ratigan admitted in a tweet that he had never voted before:

During a recent radio interview, when Ratigan was asked why he never voted, he replied:

Disgust. Utter disgust. It's not a problem. Disgust. Disgust from 18. Let's be honest with each other, the largest voting constituency in America is people who don't vote. You wanna know why they don't vote? Because they're disgusted. Because they're disgusted by a two-party political system that is running small little media companies that they call campaigns and then producing content that tries to destroy the identity and personal life of the other person. And everybody’s sick of it. And the reality is I am one of those people — I’ve made that very clear. ...

And yeah, you know what? I was wrong. I was wrong. And I actually thought that I could make my difference as a journalist and as a small business person. ...

As I did that, you know what happened? It got worse and worse, and the government became less serious and less serious. And the risks of the country got bigger and bigger, and the opportunity to improve the country gets bigger as the risk gets bigger. My indulging, my disgust — my accurate assessment of the dysfunction of the two-party political system is something I can no longer indulge.

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