Leftist Troll Targets NRA's Loesch In Vile Sexist Attack

On Monday, a despicable leftist troll targeted NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch in a series of vile tweets that were beyond disgusting. Loesch responded with class, but the troll's non-apology marked him as all-too-typical of those on the Left who long ago left civility behind. The ugliness of the troll was triggered when Loesch simply tweeted this:

That set the troll, whose human name is apparently Jeff Black, off:

Black then issued a tweet with a picture of Loesch next to a woman who resembled her who was kneeling and scantily clad as he wrote, "Depraved doggy-style #GunF***er #DanaLoesch wore bizarre blue hand-sneakers for her sloppy-Second Amendment running of the #TrumpTrain. Her pendulously-perfect breasts of #BallisticGel inspired malevolently magnificent & pharmaceutically infallible #BabyBoomer boners. #ShortStory."

Black followed with a tweet reading, "Dana, the #2A-wanking NRA-#DeathCult c***, was a conservative "8" on the pu*** groping @POTUS' nauseating scale of "invisible-to-10." #BlueBall-blue sneakers covered her front cloven hooves and provided "doggy-style" traction for her pimp's violent #BumpStock thrusts. #ShortStory."

After he was informed that the picture he had taken from a series of Google images of Loesch wasn't Loesch at all, he tweeted:

He issued a non-apology apology:

Prompting Loesch to respond, all class:

And Loesch's husband Chris, to fire back:

One conservative pundit slammed the troll hard:

Black then patronized:


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