WATCH: Steven Crowder’s Latest ‘Change My Mind’ Is The Best One Yet

On Tuesday, the latest episode of Steven Crowder’s “Change My Mind” series was uploaded to YouTube.

Titled, “I’m Pro-Gun (Second Edition)," it’s the best episode of “Change My Mind” yet. There are several reasons why this particular outing is so great, but the primary one is that the participants are both cordial and willing to be engaged.

A full transcription will not be provided as the episode stands at a hefty 59 minutes. However, one exchange that highlights the exceptional nature of this episode took place between Crowder and his first guest.

GUEST: Real quick, I really respect what you're doing here.

CROWDER: Thank you very much. I appreciate it.

GUEST: I love that despite our extreme disagreement in certain things, I really respect that you – you're not even [raising] your voice, and I really respect that a lot ... and I'm not offended by anything you've said, so I really appreciate that as well. And I like [that] you're out here educating people.

CROWDER: Here's the thing – if you wanted to offend me, that's fine.

GUEST: No, I mean, I'm interested – I want to learn, first of all. And I've shown you where my perspective – I hope you understand where I'm coming from.

CROWDER: I understand where you're coming from, and I think – here's the thing – I think you're an empathetic person who wants to save lives, right? And I'm just trying to tell you that, first off, you can't save every life, right? That's where I believe you're coming from. I don't believe in ascribing a motive. You know, you see this right now with the CNN town hall. "Why don't you care about the lives lost?" Why don't people care about the lives saved? A good example is – we don't hear about – remember the Sutherland Springs shooting? That was right here in Texas. You know what happened there, right?

Crowder and his first guest then talked about the Sutherland Springs shooting, and the man who stopped it with his AR-15.

The willingness of the two participants to be challenged led to a healthy and fascinating debate. Watch the entire episode here (highly recommended):


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