DISCRIMINATION: Students Denied Recognition Of Conservative Club On Campus

Student government leaders at an Iowa college refused to recognize students' campus chapter of pro free-market nonprofit Turning Point USA, ironically claiming the conservative organization is "discriminatory" — and, of course, “hateful, sexist, [and] racist."

Students who claim they meticulously followed Cornell College's Student Senate guidelines to receive recognition of the chapter were met with overwhelming rejection.

“We followed the whole process,” Adam Tvedt, one of the students advocating for the Turning Point chapter, told The College Fix. “We met all of their requirements, we went to the student senate meetings, we were questioned over and over and over.”

​“It’s as if they were making it up as they went along,” Tvedt said of student senate members.

The student government leaders cited Turning Points' alleged discriminatory practices and "hateful, sexist, racist" speakers and programs as part of their rationale for voting to "overwhelmingly" deny the conservative students' request.

"[C]oncerns regarding this potential student organization outweighed the group’s potential contributions to campus," explained the decision. "These concerns were highlighted by the conflict between the values and policies of Cornell College and the actions of Turning Point USA leaders, members, sponsored speakers, or programs that included: hateful, sexist, racist, or otherwise demeaning or discriminatory messages."

Turning Point's controversial "Professor Watchlist" was also cited, though Tvedt said the Cornell College chapter would not use the watchlist.

Tvedt believes the student senate never really gave consideration to the group at all.

“I don’t think they really considered this from the start,” he said, calling the denial to their request "ridiculous."

“We began the process at the end of October. We met every single guideline that was laid out in the Student Senate’s Constitution in order to become a recognized student group, but still were denied,” he added.

Turning Point slammed the "baseless rejection" of the chapter, calling it discriminatory.

"We are extremely disappointed that yet another American university has demonstrated their disdain for ideological diversity with this baseless rejection of the Cornell chapter of Turning Point USA. It is deeply concerning that student government bodies like the Cornell student senate willfully choose to discriminate against conservative groups seeking to promote the principles of free speech, free market capitalism and free people," the organization said in a statement to The Daily Wire.

"Turning Point USA is committed to spreading the ideas of freedom all across our nation and will continue to stand with the millions of Americans that believe college campuses should be repositories for ideological diversity," the statement continued.

The seemingly ideologically-based rejection has serious consequences for potential diversity at the college. As noted by Fox News, "When student groups are not officially recognized on campus, they typically do not quality for funds for events and programs and do not receive access to student facilities, as well as recruitment and campus activism."

Clearly, the Left only cares about one strain of "diversity," and it is not ideological.

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