Feminist Erotica Writer Accused Of Running Sex Ring With Her Son

"The Kinky Feminist"

A writer of feminist erotica of the "50 Shades" variety has been charged with "running a 150-woman prostitution ring with her son," according to SF Gate.

"The woman, 59-year-old Fay Ruth Romesburg, is accused of working with her son David Scott Romesburg, 38, to lure women into sex work and then arranging appointments for them at three properties, one in Rohnert Park and two in Santa Rosa, taking a cut of their earnings in the process, police said in January," reports SF Gate.

Her son David has also been accused of having one woman work for them to pay off a debt. He also stands accused of "withholding money from others to meet their basic needs unless they engaged in sex with him or sex work."

Fay Ruth Romesburg has defended her work as a feminist enterprise while denying that any prostitution took place on her property. Speaking with a crime reporter, she expressed feeling "deeply concerned with female sexual empowerment" and accused law enforcement's fight against sex work as perpetuating a "continued assault on women's rights."

"We need to stop treating these women as victims," she said. "They are highly intelligent and educated." More from SF Gate:

The investigation into the duo began when the manager of an apartment complex on Snyder Lane in Rohnert Park told law enforcement they suspected the apartment rented by the Romesburgs may have been used for prostitution, according to police.

Both Romesburgs appeared in court Monday but have not yet entered pleas — they were reportedly given extra time to look for a private attorney. County records show her bail is set at $245,000, and his is $250,000.

Fay Ruth Romesburg's body of work includes titles such as "The Kinky Feminist," "Extreme Space: The Domination and Submission Handbook" and "Never Trust an Angel." Her Amazon.com author bio claims she has "degrees in English and psychology from UC Berkeley."

Her introduction to "The Kinky Feminist" could have been lifted from a Jessica Valenti article at The Guardian.

"Every American carries the residues of Puritanical sexual mores into any act of contact with other humans including basic touch," she wrote. "Still, our history isn't enough of a burden upon our sexual expression, we are constantly told we need more laws to criminalize and legislate our sexual activities."


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