WINNING: Three-Millionth Woman Reaches Out To Pregnancy Hotline To Reconsider Abortion

In the battle for saving babies from being murdered by abortion, here’s a piece of really good news: last week a woman who called Heartbeat International’s Option Line, America’s only fully-staffed, bilingual, 24-7 pregnancy helpline, became the three-millionth woman to call the organization in the past 15 years.

As Jay Hobbs writes at pregnancyhelpnews.com, “Last year, Option Line reached a record 353,367 people via calls, chats, texts and emails in 2017—30,000 more than Planned Parenthood’s latest annual abortion totals.

The woman, called “Jennifer” to protect her anonymity, called the organization on February 22 from her home in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Hobbs notes that she contacted Option Line (1-800-712-HELP, OptionLine.org) after finding it on Google. He points out that looking on the internet, more women and men are finding pro-life help than ever before.

Jennifer told an Option Line consultant that she didn’t want to abort her child but felt unprepared to be a mother. She was encouraged to make an appointment with A Hope Center, which serves women in three locations throughout the Fort Wayne area.

Heartbeat International vice president Cindi Boston stated, “We’re so incredibly thankful for every single woman, man and child represented in the 3 million calls we’ve received over the years. No woman should ever have to face a surprise pregnancy alone, so we’re asking our friends to join us in praying for Jennifer today.”


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