CNN Proves It's An Activist Outlet On Gun Control, Not A Journalistic One

Over the past several years, CNN has come under heavy fire from conservatives for its bias. And CNN has fought back, suggesting that they are truly an objective news network, not an advocacy center.

It was already tough to make that case. Now it’s impossible.

This morning, Erin Burnett — one of their non-opinion hosts — tweeted out her congratulations to Dick’s Sporting Goods, which announced that it would stop selling “assault weapons” overall, high capacity magazines, and guns to anyone under age 21.

Does that sound like journalism or advocacy?

Then there was this shot on CNN’s "New Day" with Chris Cuomo.

It’s worth noting that such language is Dick’s — and CNN just parrots it. The CEO, Ed Stack, stated, “Thoughts and prayers are not enough. … We concluded that if these kids are brave enough to organize and do what they’re doing then we should be brave enough to take this stand.”

Now, Cuomo has already made clear he doesn’t even care about facts in reporting the Parkland massacre — last week he retweeted and then defended a fully false account of someone buying a gun without ID or federal background check at a gun store. But this isn’t even close to objective news coverage.

The media have been the chief players in a full-scale campaign against the Second Amendment, and CNN has led the way — allowing gun control advocates to make unquestioned allegations about the evil motives of gun rights supporters, botching basic reporting about weapons (what the hell is a "full semi-automatic"?), setting up a full town hall show trial for Second Amendment backers. And then they proclaim that they’re just covering the news.

They’re not. They’re lying. They’re activists, and they should simply say that they are.


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