Director Of 'The Young Karl Marx' To NPR: Marx 'Did Not Influence The Soviet Union'

"Marx would have probably been the first one to be shot"

Apparently, Vladamir Lenin, Leon Trotsky, and Josef Stalin got their idea for the Soviet Union from some other book titled "The Communist Manifesto" that was not written by Karl Marx, according to Raoul Peck, the director of the new film, "The Young Karl Marx."

Needless to say, the movie depicts Marx, a man who bore an illegitimate son with the housemaid and treated people with the same contempt as the ideology he scribed, with respect. Speaking with NPR, Raoul Peck said of the man's work: "Today, his [Marx's] analyses are even more urgent and necessary than before."

When the anchor hit back at Peck by saying that communism failed in the Soviet Union, Peck played the the good ol' fashion "that wasn't really communism" card.

"It did not influence the Soviet Union," said Peck. "Marx and Engels would have probably been the first one to be shot .... this incredible monster that was fabricated after the Russian Revolution has nothing to do with their ideas."

Asked by NPR why he made a movie that profiles the bromance between Marx and Engels, Peck said that the movie was a "response to the world I feel around me. And it's what I call the rise of ignorance, of confusion, where experts or scientists who have worked their whole life on any subject — climate change or new energy — can be shut down by somebody's opinion without having to demonstrate anything."

You heard that right. A man who dismisses mountains of evidence of communism's failure is lamenting about opinions not "having to demonstrate anything." It's as if his opinion on communism should be taken prima facie without any demonstration whatsoever except a fictional movie with a 54% on Rotten Tomatoes.

In the same interview, Peck likened Karl Marx to present-day gun control activists.

"Today, his analyses are even more urgent and necessary than before ... even the young kids from Florida right now who are protesting and asking for more gun control," he said. "They have understood the connection between money; between capital; between profit; and that there are people who are capable of choosing the worst decision if it will preserve their profit."

A communist wanting to confiscate guns — how original.


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