CNN Report Invents New Term: 'Full Semi-Automatic' AR-15s. Gun Experts Respond.

Gun experts are calling foul on a CNN report in which its gun specialist used the misleading term "full semi-automatic" when describing an AR-15.

The moment took place during a CNN report presented as "An Up-Close Look at the AR-15," which involves retired Lieutenant General Mark Hertling, someone who does not believe the AR-15 should be banned. However, at one point in his demonstration of how the gun operates, Lt. Hertling says he is going to use the gun in "full semi-automatic" mode. CNN follows his statement by stating that the AR-15 is "a weapon designed to inflict maximum damage."

As highlighted by Twitchy, pro-Second Amendment advocates, including NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch, responded to the segment by noting that there's no such thing as "full semi-automatic." Hertling apparently just meant "pulling the trigger as fast as you can." (Watch full video here.)

The Free Beacon's Stephen Gutowski first drew attention to the invented "full semi-automatic" mode, with Loesch — one of the pro-Second Amendment representatives repeatedly heckled at CNN's gun control "town hall" last week — responding:

One follower accused Gutowski of deliberately having "misrepresented" the quote to try to smear CNN, which prompted the following exchange:

Update: Hertling responds to criticism.


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