U.S. Olympian Gets ROASTED By Leftists On Twitter For Posing For A Selfie With Ivanka Trump

Bobsledder Lauren Gibbs was trying to mend fences and build bridges, but it wasn't welcome.

United States Olympic bobsledder — and Pyeongchang silver medalist — Lauren Gibbs was just trying to share the Olympic spirit when she asked First Daughter Ivanka Trump and White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders for a selfie, and then posted that selfie to Twitter, but it turns out that leftists on social media have no interest in respecting bipartisan bridge-building and good sportsmanship.

Gibbs, who is the brakeman for the U.S. Women's bobsled team, met Ivanka at an event on Saturday. Trump and Huckabee Sanders are in South Korea as American goodwill ambassadors and have been in the Olympic crowd, supporting American athletes in several sports, including men's bobsled and curling, since arriving late last week.

The American athlete just wanted to show how sport unites people, she said on Twitter, and so she offered to take a photo with Trump and Huckabee Sanders. She posted that photo to Twitter early Saturday morning with the hashtag #itsforAmerica.

But sportsmanship and kindness is unacceptable where the Trump Administration is concerned, and Gibbs was quickly excoriated for daring to touch, if not openly accept a touch from, Ivanka Trump.

Gibbs didn't take the criticism sitting down. She responded to many of the complainers with grace, the same way she approached Ivanka Trump and Sarah Huckabee Sanders. She reiterated to several commenters that she was the one who asked for the photo, and that while she doesn't agree with Ivanka's father on most issues, she wanted to thoroughly document her Olympic experience, and that included posing for her own photo with the First Daughter.

Ivanka Trump and Sarah Huckabee Sanders will conclude their visit to South Korea by attending the Olympic Closing Ceremonies on Saturday night.


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