UH OH: California Democrats Won't Support Sen. Dianne Feinstein For Another Term

"I guess my time is up."

U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein learned the hard way this weekend that the Democratic party is becoming more progressive and leaving longtime, slightly-more-moderate lawmakers like Feinstein behind in favor of hardcore leftists.

The California Democratic Party, which held its state convention Saturday, decided by an overwhelming majority not to endorse Feinstein for another term in the Senate. And they were so determined to boot Feinstein from the event that they cut off her speech with music, leading her to admit, "I think my time is up."

Her progressive opponent, California State Sen. Kevin de León, led the crowd in chanting, "Your time is up!" in response, according to a National Public Radio report.

In fairness to Feinstein, California's Democratic Party, according to NPR, is more liberal than California's voting Democrats (if that were possible) and the "grassroots activists" who showed up at Saturday's event were prepared to send a message to Feinstein about her "compromise" with the White House on immigration and her "support" for President Trump.

Although the bill did not succeed, and Feinstein claims that she would be vigilant on the issue in the Senate Appropriations Committee, Feinstein sinned against her progressive supporters by agreeing to pay $25 billion for a border wall along the U.S.-Mexican border if President Trump agreed to extend the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program and grant conditional amnesty to some parents of DACA enrollees.

National progressives were quick to lend their support to the California effort to unseat Feinstein, claiming that she'd been no better than a Republican during her time in the Senate (though that, of course, would be news to Republicans).

Her opponent, de Leon, was clear in his own speech that he would not be so conciliatory to the opposing party. "Democrats, you'll never have to guess where I stand," he said, stressing his support for far-left programs like single-payer health care and "clean" amnesty.


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