WATCH: Steven Crowder Debunks 'Top 5 AR-15 Lies'

In a new "Louder with Crowder" episode, conservative comedian and podcast host Steven Crowder takes on the "top five AR-15 lies" that have begun to recirculate after the horrific mass shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida last week.

Crowder begins by asking his audience if they really believe that gun control activists are just targeting AR-15s. "Is this really about banning AR-15s ... or is it a Trojan horse?" he asks. "It seems that whenever there's a public shooting, they pick a topic, and right now it's the AR-15, that's enemy numero uno, as opposed to going after all guns, which I think is a little bit of a bait-and-switch."

Crowder begins with Myth #1: "AR-15s are the most deadly firearms available to the public in the world." After playing clips from Florida Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson saying AR-15s are for "killing" and Joe Biden saying no one needs an AR-15 because they're harder to use, Crowder stated the obvious: Guns are designed to kill.

"First off, guns are killing tools," he says. "If you want to ban something because you say it's more effective at killing, it's not about the AR-15, it's that you want to ban guns," which he says is the real agenda here. "There are plenty of guns out there that are more dangerous than AR-15s," says Crowder, adding, "There are plenty more rifles that are semi-automatic, that can carry as much ammo as AR-15s, that use ammunition that's as powerful or more powerful than AR-15s."

Crowder then provides some examples of firearms that "no one is talking about": the Ruger Mini-30, which can "look unassuming enough" when decked out in wood, but can be just as scary looking as an AR-15. Another example: semi-automatic shotguns, the rounds of which can do far more damage than an AR-15's, as Crowder demonstrates. Another example: Glock 17s, the most popular firearm in the world, which holds 17 rounds in its magazine.

Myth #2: "AR stands for 'assault rifle.'" In fact, it just stands for the manufacturer Armalite.

Myth #3: "The AR-15 is an automatic rifle." As proof that the Left actually makes this false claim, Crowder plays clips of CNN's Don Lemon and former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders saying just that. Most guns people own, Crowder points out, are semi-automatic.

Myth #4: "AR-15s or similar rifles are responsible for most gun violence." "The truth? According to the FBI itself you are four times as likely to die from being knifed to death than you are from being shot by a rifle ... that's all rifles," says Crowder. "In 2016, handguns killed roughly 19 times as many people as all rifles put together."

Myth #5: "AR-15s are the weapons of choice for mass shooters." After playing a clip from CNN's Chris Cuomo effectively making that claim, Crowder points to a New York Times review of recent mass shootings which found that 11 out of 19 shooters didn't use a rifle of any sort.

"So why are we talking about banning the AR-15?" asks Crowder. Those presented with the facts, he suggests, have two possible reactions: either recognize that they have illogically focused on AR-15s or call for the banning of basically all guns.



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