Under Pressure From Left, Enterprise Rent-A-Cars Announces It Will Cut Discounts To NRA Members

On Friday morning, Enterprise Rent-A-Cars announced via Twitter that they would no longer honor discounts for NRA members.

That announcement followed a push from Leftists against companies with business relationships with the NRA:

The other Enterprise brands are National and Alamo.

It’s a typical tactic of the far-Left to push boycotts against advertisers who do business with conservatives. That tactic was originally popularized by Media Matters, the George Soros-funded, David Brock-led organization dedicated to forwarding Hillary Clinton’s political agenda; Media Matters astroturfed boycott campaigns against talk show hosts as well as the American Legislative Exchange Counsel for its connections with conservative businesses. Most recently, Leftists have led boycotts against the state of North Carolina for its state law guaranteeing separate bathrooms for men and women, and against Chick-Fil-A for its founder’s sin of supporting traditional marriage.

But this tactic is likely to backfire for both Enterprise and anti-gun political actors. Already, Twitter is filled with people pledging not to rent from Enterprise or its affiliates — including me:

I’m generally not an advocate of boycotts. I think we should separate politics from the business world as often as humanly possible. But if the Left is going to use this tactic in order to pressure businesses to disassociate from conservatives, conservatives will be forced to respond in kind.

None of this, of course, generates support for gun control. All it does is make both sides more intransigent. Which is the point. For the Left, good policy isn’t the aim. It’s the demonization of pro-gun conservatives that matters.

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