FATHER: CNN Producer Looked For People To Push Narrative In Interviews Day After Shooting

On Thursday, the alleged scandal involving CNN censoring students and looking to politicize the recent Florida school shooting grew more serious as a new accuser came forward and said that the leftwing network began seeking out people with certain views who would push a specific narrative in interviews the day after the massacre left 17 students dead.

Andrew Klein, whose daughter attends Stoneman Douglas High School, says that a CNN producer told him the day after the shooting they were looking for people to do interviews who would "espouse a certain narrative which was taking the tragedy and turning it into a policy debate."


This latest accusation comes just after Colton Haab, the heroic ROTC student who shielded students during the shooting, told Fox News' Tucker Carlson that a producer for Jake Tapper censored him and told him that he had to "stick to the script" if he was going to attend CNN's town hall.

"What had happened was four days ago I had gotten contacted by a lady named Carrie Stevenson from CNN," Haab said Thursday night. "She had asked me originally to just write a speech, it was going to be at the town hall at the BB&T Center, so I agreed, I felt like it would be the right thing to do, to be able to go to speak my part as well as open eyes to a few things that I thought that could make this situation a little bit better."

As the event got closer, Haab alleges that Stevenson changed her demands of him and asked for questions from him before ultimately writing a question for him and telling him that he had to "stick to the script."

In light of the censorship, Haab decided not to attend because he thought the event would not be constructive in any way.

CNN responded by attacking him and calling him a liar but has offered no proof to refute his claims. So far, no one who attended the town hall has come out and refuted Haab's claims.


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