WATCH: CNN Crowd Wildly Cheers Gun Ban

On Wednesday, CNN hosted a town hall in Florida in response to the recent school shooting. The theme of the evening had less to do with open debate than with feeding a large in-person crowd hungry for full-scale gun bans or confiscation.

Multiple times during the town hall the crowd erupted with cheering at the idea of a ban on all semi-automatic weapons every time it was brought up. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) was booed all night long and the NRA was painted as a domestic terrorist organization by people who blamed them for the shooting despite the fact that they had nothing to do with it.

The first such instance came when Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson mentioned banning AR-15s.


The second instance came when Rubio underscored the fact that a ban on semi-automatic firearms means a ban on every semi-automatic rifle sold in America.


The event got so out of hand that left-leaning CNN anchor and host of the town hall, Jake Tapper, had to tell people to tone it down and be respectful because they weren't even giving Rubio a chance to talk.


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