88-Year-Old Korean War Vet Uses His Bare Hands To Fight Off Five-Man Gang Attacking Woman

“Fear is not in my dictionary.”

An 88-year-old military veteran is being praised for his heroic actions in the U.K. after he swooped in to fight off a gang of armed robbers who were attacking a woman.

John Nixon, a former commando who fought in the Korean War, said he intervened after he saw a group of young men trying to steal the woman’s purse, The Telegraph reported on Monday.

“My initial thoughts were to divert their attention away from the girl who was screaming,” Nixon recounted. “I shouted ‘leave her alone’.”

After the vet stepped in to defend the woman, the gang of five turned on him, with one assailant pulling out a knife and taking a swipe at him.

“But they turned on me, saying ‘We’ll take your money instead’ and I said ‘No, you don’t’,” Nixon continued. “Kids this age are full of bravado, you see, they weren’t expecting a surprise.”

In fighting the gang, Nixon sustained cuts to his head and hands, managing to walk away with only minor injuries.

“My training kicked in. I landed a blow to his neck which rendered him semi-conscious,” Nixon said. “I disabled one but another one pulled out a knife so I had to try and deal with him too.”

In response to the praise he received from police for his “extraordinary bravery,” Nixon said, “Fear is not in my dictionary.”


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